Need help getting started, give us a call.  The following Service packages are available.

System Assessments – Have a system you are not happy with, let us come in and document your challenges.  Many practices are struggling with what they have, making it work while never really being happy with what and how it performs.  We want to understand, we will perform an in depth assessment of your practice, the systems you use and your concerns.  This assessment will then become the basis for you to work forward in a product evaluation process.

Process Improvement – Many practices have done things the same way for decades, making small ad-hoc decisions along the way to adjust how they do it based on single events that caused an issue.  This can be very dangerous for any organization.  It creates many challenges but often introduces in-efficiency over time.  Let our Lean consulting experts help.  We will put together a custom engagement to fit your practice.

Implementation Services – Our technical team has decades of experience implementing the complexity of computer technologies into office/practice environments.  We will take the frustration away from your staff, streamline your implementation, and maximize your technology investments to perform the way they were designed.