User Friendly EMR

User Friendly EMR ver 5.1


Inspired by doctors with a need to focus on what they do best, not the technology to document it.  Follow along with our list of features and see how simple it is.

Chart like design – no hard to remember pull down application navigations

One click away – information organized to be one click away

Demographics – top page, easy to read, personal, insurance, guarantor, etc.

Appointments – easy to view and change, supports multiple books, multiple categories in books

Electronic Records – chart like organization, chronological organization, customizable organization, records are one click away

Lab Orders – Seamless connection to Labs to order/view labs

ePrescriptions – Seamless connections for Prescription orders, drug history, drug interactions, supports Class 3 scripts with printer generated scripts

Progress Notes – easy to view, automated transcription service for detailed notes

Procedure/Diagnosis selection – one click selection with real time estimation of insurance and patient charges

Configurable to your practice – Whether your practice specializes in Cardiology, Neurology, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, etc.; the system is easily configured to support the way you organize appointments, and the procedures/diagnosis used by your specialty

Improve Profits – Our Realtime cost of service capability can improve your bottom line.  Experience shows us that if you collect for all services performed at the time of service, you can improve you profitability by 10% or more

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